Fix and Share – Bikes

Use your bike to stay healthy and have fun this summer….

Learn how to Repair it at St Martin’s Church car park – thanks to Bradford Bikery
3-5pm Weds 15th August

This will be a Pop up Workshop – Working & Learning Together as we fix bikes to donate to the local community.

Don’t bring your bike to fix – we will LEARN how to fix other bikes!!


Ladies Walking Group

Walking/running track on Haworth Rd Recreation fields

Weekdays 8pm over the summer (and possibly 9am & 2pm, depending on interest)

Attend 3 sessions (3 laps = 1 mile)

Children who take part will receive a free pedometer (one per household limited to the first 30 children)

So come on people of Heaton, join in and let’s walk the distance around the world in 80 days! 👍

Don’t forget to log your miles.

In addition to the above we now have some weighing scales at the Heaton Hub library @ St Martin’s where you are able to weigh yourself during library opening hours, please ask at desk

Youth Bike Sessions

Bike sessions (cycling around the track) for young people aged 11- 18 yrs 🚲
Every Thursday evening 6-8pm from the 5th July

Haworth Rd recreation fields – (Bring a bottle of water)

Useful Distances

Tesco to Heaton Primary – 0.3 miles

Toller Lane lights to Heaton Primary – 0.3 miles

Stoney Ridge Lane to Toller Lane – 0.8 miles

Heaton Primary around the Rugby Field and back – 1.5 miles

Zara Sports Centre to Bingley Road to Haworth Road in a square 1.25 miles

Chellow Dene, Car park around both lakes and back – 2 miles

Toller Lane lights to bottom of Heaton Woods – 1 mile

What journey do you walk a lot…. to the Lunch Monkey?  You know who you are!  0.4 miles!

Calculate your own


How can you help?

Before the 24th June you can pledge how much you will do in the next 80 days.  So if you know you will walk to work 5 times a week you can add that straight away.

After the 24th June you can log any other distances you have done, alone or in groups.  20 friends on a 3 mile walk.  Log it.  Rode around Chellow Dene?  Log it.

You can calculate your distances here.

Pledges can be made here

Other distances can be logged after the 24th June on this site.

Post Photos on Instagram or Twitter using #healthyheaton

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